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Frequently Asked Questions

How to mark a habit as done?

Click on the icon of the undecided habit and it becomes blue.

Or CMD + Click on the habit and choose Done from the contextual menu.

How to add a new item?

Click the plus blue sign situated in the left corner of the application and choose New Habit or New Goal. The Info panel opens at the right side. Fill in the data you need: Name, DatesReminder and Working Days for a habit; Name, DatesReminder, Working Days, Allow working on day of deadline, Goal Value, Units and Add logs to total for a goal.

How to mark an item as failed?

You should CMD + Click on an item (habit or goal) and choose the Failed menu item. The item icon will be changed into a red one.

If the item is a goal, a new log value will be inserted in the right logs table, completed with the last log value.

How can I change the items order?

Drag and drop your item at any position you want.

How to mark a goal as done?

When you click the icon of a goal, the Info panel opens at the right side. You can see a number in the log value text field and this is the minimum value for accomplishing the goal for today. You should only click plus sign or type Enter. Your goal will become done and the icon will become blue.

If you enter a lower value nothing happens and the goal icon remains undecided. 


How to display the Progress panel?

Double click the item whose progress you want to display.

Or select an item and click the Progress tab at the top.

Can I reset a goal session?

All sessions are reset at midnight. If you have finished the session and want to begin a new one, please press the Reset Session button situated in Info panel, at the bottom of the Logs tab. Everything will be calculated and displayed automatically.

Do you plan ScopiDo for iPhone?

Yes, we do. We plan ScopiDo 2 for iPhone too.

Do you plan ScopiDo for Android or for web?

Not yet. I do not have enough resources for that at the moment.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. You need to contact iTunes for further information.

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