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All your habits & goals. All the details you need


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 Habits & goals

All Your Habits & Goals At A Glance

All your habits and goals are in the same main window. You can easily recognise them: a habit is a circle and a goal is a square. They have three states: done, failed and undecided. There is also a lot of information here: success rate and reminder hour for habits; total progress, deadline date, goal value, and session progress for goals.



Track progress for every habit in a calendar view.


All Progress Data

Track total progress of your goal with a progress bar. How many days left until the deadline? How much do you need to accomplish every day or every session? How much have you done yet? What kind of units do you need? All the information are right there!


Success Rate & Streak

Automatically calculate the success rate for a habit and show a progress bar.

Do you love streak for habits? Current streak and best streak are at their place.


Session Progress & Line Graph

Track session progress of your goal with a progress bar. Easily see how much work do you need to getting things done. There are numbers too.

A minimalistic line graph for your goals shows your progress between the start date and the deadline. If the session is not completed, the color will be orange. If you complete the session, the line graph is blue.


 Habits & Goals


See your habits and goals in a top so you can understand how your projects advance.

Habits & Goals

Dark Mode

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 Habits & Goals

Deadlines, Reminders, Working Days & Totals  

Set your habits and goals as you wish to become more productive. Choose your start date and goal date, create reminders, choose your days of work or calculate a total of your daily logs. It’s wonderful!

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